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BEER Vinegar

V illa Modena makes its craft beer vinegar following ancient methods and experience. The matty Flavour makes this product perfect for Fish & Chips and ideal to accompany mixed salads , BBQ sauce and vinagrettes.


Light: about 1,00.

Colour and texture

Light golden colour.


A characteristic sweet acidic flavour.
Aroma: characteristic bitter with hints of beer.

Origins: Ancient Babylonians as long ago as 3000 BC were making vinegar from figs, dates and beer and they used it for culinary and medicinal purposes. In Europe , most countries concentrated on production of wine and wine vinegar whereas in Britain they focused on beer and beer vinegar and this has lead to its increasingly growing popularity today .

Production steps: We start by using beer (water, barley, malt, rice, hops, hop extract) that has between 6-12 % alcohol by volume range - not too hoppy otherwise the vinegar will be too bitter. Following the preparation of the liquid we add the mother of the vinegar which is necessary to invert the alcohol into vinegar. We then cover with a cloth yet allowing the product to breath for about 2 weeks. If, afte this period the Ph is 4 or below we are ready for ageing in oak barrels for minimum 2 months. This is a perfect rly natural product : unpasteurized and unfiltered . Eventual residue at the bottom of the bottle is natural.